Can’t Communicate with Your Partner?

Learn the 3 pitfalls that make communication virtually impossible… and what you can do instead right now.

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Do you want to be able to talk to your partner
  • Without innocent conversations escalating into huge fights?
  • Without walking on eggshells?

  • Without repeating the same fight over and over again?

  • Without shutting down and retreating?

About Jessica:

You want reassurance that you are working with a highly skilled and specialized relationship therapist.

Hi, I am Jessica Myers-Adams. I have confidence when it comes to complex cases because I have been trained and mentored by the best in the field.

Because I’ve been through hell and back, I don’t flinch when couples come to me with issues like the crisis of an affair, eruptive fighting, or the paralysis of isolation inside their relationship.

After the honeymoon period was over, my partner and I went through years of scrapping, so believe me when I say “I know what you’re going through.”

I’m proud to say that facing years of conflict in my relationship has given me a 360* perspective on what it’s like to screw up, own up to it… and then stick with it until the relationship is strong and vibrant.

This is why I’m so excited to work with couples. I believe that your life, and your relationship, can become even stronger thanks to its struggles. You just need a guide, and the space to work on your relationship.

We’ll use neuroscience, your attachment style, and the current moments of “is-ness” to bring you to a place of confidence. To help you and your partner reconnect. To stop the recurring fights. And recognize the good in one another again.