Communication Problems?

Couples Intensive Boot Camp Harrisburg PA

Do you feel like there is a rift in your relationship? 

Do you feel like all decisions and conversations are a battle to be won or lost without ever reaching any resolution?

Maybe you feel distant from your partner, or that your needs aren’t being met? 

If it seems like you and your partner aren’t even in the same book anymore with decisions, let alone on the same page, or you want a change, we can help – if you don’t wait too long.

Get help now with a breakthrough coaching session.

Progress is guaranteed.

Coaching vs. Therapy: The Distinction
  • Coaching Services: Your Path to Breakthroughs and Transformation at Emergent.
  • Not Sure Which Service? Take our quiz. We’re all about practical coaching for real progress, no jargon or fluff.
  • Coaching: Your fast track to transform your relationship. It’s action and goal-oriented, skipping lengthy dives into the past. We can explore that later if needed, but it’s not a must, unlike therapy. With coaching and a breakthrough session, you gain resources to feel empowered and confident ASAP.

The Key Difference:

Coaching vs. Therapy: Clear roles. Therapy for specific mental health diagnoses like severe anxiety. 

Coaching for tackling everyday challenges or milder depression and anxiety – no need for therapeutic intervention. Couples coaching can even work with a mental health diagnosis, provided you can address it.

Breakthrough Your Patterns:

Our coaching is all about results, not just encouragement. If you want to overcome communication issues and self-imposed limitations, coaching is your game-changer. 

We provide actionable strategies and unwavering guidance to help you make real progress, whether it’s communication breakdowns or recovering from infidelity. Coaching can help you create the relationship you desire.

How it works:

Step 1:

Sign up for a Breakthrough Session at a discounted rate of $150. This is a coaching session to launch you into progress towards your new relationship.

Initial progress between you and your spouse is guaranteed.

Limited slots for coaching per month!

Step 2: 

During the Breakthrough Session, you will:

  1. Create a new vision of what you want in your relationship
  2. Discover the hidden challenges for you to get there
  3. Create a plan of action to work towards, energizing you to implement the change

Step 3:

Knowing what needs to be worked on, you can choose to:

Move forward with customized coaching to maximize communication improvement


Undergo couples therapy to address deeper mental health issues first.

Couple Hiking
Please note, this is only if you’re ready for significant changes in your relationship, I only work with eight couples at a time. This ensures maximum support, including access to weekly appointments and laser-focused support calls in between.

Additional Information:

  • Together, we’ll figure out what’s going wrong in your relationship right now so you can develop an effective plan for where you’d like it to be.
  • Get ready for positive change with 3-6 months of customized coaching designed for both of you.
  • At Emergent Relationship Center, we specialize in unlocking authentic conversations and improving communication between partners. I empower couples to break through barriers that are blocking their connection.
  • My approach is results-oriented, helping clients move forward in their relationships with greater understanding and harmony.
  • With an experienced coach’s guidance, you’ll gain perspective on unhealthy behavior patterns holding you back as a couple or individually. You’ll receive strategies tailored to exceed your expectations and create lasting change!

Don’t Hesitate to Get in Touch Today:

If you have any further questions, feel free to call or text 717-316-0256

Now we can be more honest and open, understanding that we can feel differently at the same time and that’s okay–both can be right. I feel like we are both present in dealing with issues instead of me feeling alone.

~ GP

Coaching gave us a forum to focus exclusively on the “nuts and bolts” of being with each other. It taught me to lead more with appreciation and helped each of us to better communicate real feelings with each other

~ AS

I can tell her when I don’t want to talk about something. I am so glad that can be an answer! I didn’t want to say that before because I didn’t feel comfortable

~ JM
Coaching is different than therapy

A coach will show you the techniques to climb a mountain.

A therapist will get you well enough to make the climb.

We all start with the first step.

If you are already motivated and need help to make the changes, coaching is just right.

Here, we will talk about what’s going on in your relationship right now and start to create a plan on what you would like it to look like. Additionally, you will find some things that are keeping you from getting there so you can walk away equipped with some self-knowledge.

If you are a good candidate for coaching, we will agree on a plan (usually 3 or 6 months) to get your relationship back on track or heading towards a happy future. Sessions length and frequency are based on what is most effective for each couple.

For most couples, the root of all of their problems – from financial issues to parenting decisions to meeting needs – is communication

At Emergent Relationship Center, addressing communication issues is at the heart of our relationship coaching approach. We provide immediate and actionable solutions to communication issues, enabling couples to break through barriers and communicate effectively. 

When an athlete wants to improve in their training, they go to a coach. Similarly, when a relationship needs improvement, a relationship coach can help to raise awareness of ineffective patterns, suggest new strategies, and empower couples to create vital change. 

Through relationship coaching, we offer individual, relevant and timely actions to immediately start creating a better future for partners – both as individuals and together. 

Are you ready to start creating a more open and fulfilling relationship? Are you looking to break toxic patterns and nurture new connection? If so, let’s get to work!

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