Do you wish you could resolve an issue with your spouse? Most marriage counseling couples cite communication as the main reason for their problems. Sure, talking is involved, but the main problem is that communication stops and defense or escalation starts at some point.

Think of this example. You begin a conversation with your partner, and somehow your message gets perceived as a criticism, threat, or demand. Wait! That wasn’t the intention. Your partner shuts down or begins fighting with you.

What is the problem? The message was unable to be delivered.

What would it mean to you if you could safely communicate a message and your partner would receive it so you could resolve an issue?

At Emergent Relationship Center, couples counseling therapists help couples learn to communicate more effectively in their relationship – without setting off the tripwire.

In couple’s therapy, partners learn to manage their different perceptions and beliefs to resolve difficulties. The typical therapy session begins by getting clear on the pattern and then learning about your mate’s operating system. This work is compelling! But, it takes several couples therapy sessions – two days, three days, or even weeks – to get through.

After years of working with couples, I have developed an intensive therapy program that gets at the root of the issue right away. This couples intensive therapy program works by helping you and your partner make accelerated progress and break those long jams in one day.

It works faster because progress isn’t stopped each week after one hour. Each new session usually begins navigating the misinterpretations that have piled up throughout the week.

An intensive therapy session can help you get through a weeks work in as little as 4 hours. This mini-couples therapy boot camp is an excellent way for you and your spouse to get immediate help and learn how to resolve an issue rather than wait for the next fight to get brought up and swept under the rug again.

Get started with a couple’s intensive therapy session today.

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