Couples Therapy and Coaching Harrisburg, PA

Relationship Rescue Intensive
Couples Coaching

Do you feel like there is a rift in your relationship? Maybe you feel distant from your partner, or that your needs aren’t being met? Does it seem like you and your partner aren’t even in the same book anymore, let alone on the same page, with decisions?

Couples Therapy
Couples Therapy

At Emergent, we help couples create lasting bonds by addressing not just surface conflicts but deeper, more complex issues that often stem from individual mental health and childhood experiences.

Couple Intensives
Couples Intensive (Couples Retreat)

An Intensive or Bootcamp Can Turn Your Relationship Around. When you are a coaching client, we will tailor your work so that you get the quickest results. Sometimes this means booking a mini intensive (4 hours) or a full day dedicated to getting you unstuck.

Individual Therapy
Individual Therapy

Are struggling in your relationship and your partner either doesn’t know or doesn’t want to work on it? Trying to work on your relationship by yourself can seem unfair and confusing.

Discernment Counseling
Discernment Therapy

Discernment coaching is an approach to help couples when at least one partner is not sure whether they want to continue or end the relationship, and can be especially helpful when one person is thinking about leaving and the other wants to attempt couples therapy.