5-Star Relationships

Let us show you how to improve your connection today.

At Emergent, we help couples create lasting bonds by addressing not just surface conflicts but deeper, more complex issues that often stem from individual mental health and childhood experiences.

Our specialized couples therapy provides a safe and supportive space for both partners to explore, understand, and heal from these underlying challenges.

Together, we’ll work to uncover the roots of your difficulties and embark on a journey toward deeper understanding, healthier communication, and renewed intimacy.

No doubt, you want to feel accepted, secure, and confident in your relationship—and you deserve that.
In a healthy relationship, partners support one another’s different interests, and each feels free to express their own desires.

But does that feel a million miles away?

Given life’s challenges and your past experiences, it’s understandable why maintaining an awesome relationship is so difficult.

You might wonder if you can regain the love you once had or if it’s even possible to get back to that place.
We understand your pain and can help.

The method we use at ERC gives you a roadmap to create the relationship you deserve.

In the United States, 40-50 percent of married couples divorce. The rate is higher for subsequent marriages.
Remember, the deeper the trenches, the harder it is to get out—but it’s not impossible. Let us guide you out and forward

Don’t wait any longer if you:
  • Feel defeated and unhappy in your relationship
  • Can’t talk about difficult situations without ending up re-burying unresolved pain
  • Feel like you are living with a roommate
  • Want to fight for the relationship, but feel hopeless and desperate to find a way forward
  • Fear your partner is cheating
  • Are shocked or paralyzed after discovering a physical or emotional affair
  • Want to move your relationship to the next level and learn how to create an effective team to solve challenges together
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Our expertise includes thousands of hours:

The developmental model created by Ellyn Bader, Ph.D., is a powerful way to transform relationships. This approach addresses the response cycle by using principles of neuroscience, takes into account your family history with the ideas of attachment theory, and gives couples a road map to get unstuck in their sequential journey.

We continue to learn by working with Ellyn Bader, Ph.D., Founder of The Couples Institute, Creator of The Developmental Model of Couples therapy in her master mentor program.

We learned how to deal with the most difficult cases and some of our Colleagues send couples they want to help, but  feel stuck with.  If you should decide to work with us, you will be in good hands.