I want to get this blog rolling by introducing myself and my views on therapy. I am really excited to be opening this practice. Being a therapist has been my goal since I was an adolescent. Maybe it is true when they say (at least for me) therapists get into this field to figure themselves out and to help themselves feel better. The good news is that I have done a good bit of that and now it is exciting to watch other people achieve those goals!

I think therapy (or alternatively “changing”) is about people learning what they do, discovering and trying out options, and then evaluating their choices to decide if they helped. So how do therapists do that? Well, there are a lot of different methods and theories that therapists can follow. I follow the principles of Gestalt therapy. One of the things this means is I believe in the value of others’ thoughts and values. I am a therapist who listens to understand the way my clients think and feel. I don’t want to talk at someone, tell them what they need to do, or give them ways to be different. I work on helping people identify their stuck points so that we can come up with alternatives. I love trying experiments! I am with my clients, helping them learn about who they are, what they think, and how they want to be. I think my work is exciting!

I specialize in couples therapy and relationship dynamics. I’m so excited to work with couples. I believe that your life and your relationship, can become even more refined thanks to its scars. Schedule your session today.