How Mental Toughness Can Extend From Training To Your Relationship

Recently, a Mental Toughness article I wrote was featured in Dure Magazine, a biannual magazine that focuses on celebrating outdoor adventure and athletic endurance. In this article, I talk about how mental toughness can extend from training to your relationship.

As an athlete and relationship counselor, I understand what it takes to be mentally tough both in competition and in relationships. Both require training and focus to push past the mental resistance that tells you to quit.

I want to share the key characteristics that can help overcome the problems athletes uniquely face in relationships – the 4 Cs of Mental Toughness. Read the Dure Magazine article here.

If you’re an ambitious athlete and want to use your ambitious mindset to get a clear idea of what needs to happen to get your relationship on track, consider getting a Mental Toughness Assessment which comes with a strategic feedback session.

Cheering for your relationship! 

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