Welcome to your Coaching or Therapy

I know what I should be doing in my relationship but I my partner isn’t meeting my needs and I struggle to be the better person.

I know I want more out of my relationship, but I struggle to find clarity, create specific goals, or take action to improve it.

My primary goal for my personal growth work is to make positive changes in my relationship and learn how to communicate better.

It’s often easier for me to keep my commitments to other people than it is to follow through on things when it’s just for me

I would like to have some feedback and professional guidance around what, specifically, I could do better result in my life and my relationship.

I feel sometimes like hidden obstacles or things I am not fully aware of or getting in my way . I would welcome the opportunity to gain self-awareness and insight into myself, so that I can feel more in control of my outcomes.

Either my partner or myself has a diagnosable psychiatric condition such as clinical depression, anxiety, bipolar, a substance use disorder, or post trauma stress disorder and will likely need support around the issue in additional to couples work.

Regarding the time line for relationship coaching/therapy, we were thinking

Regarding our budget, couples therapy

Everyone argues or fights with their partner now and then. When you argue or fight at home are you ever afraid that one of you will hurt each other?